Another day, and what to show….

Well, first of all, I want to show you a site that I have mentioned before.  It is called Annie’s crazy world and she has an ongoing cross stitch sampler.  As of her last blog post she is up to   Band Sampler 168 – Detail 931 – An Embroidered Map. She stitches the events of her days, life.  I keep telling myself that I am going to start an ongoing sampler and I have already cut up some aida pieces to make it into a long length:

Start of ongoing sampler
Start of ongoing sampler

There are a few different colour pieces on the scroll and ready to go.  The little tin is one that I use when I have a project going and the threads are remnants of what I have on my big frame (gotta get it finished too).  Anyhow, my sister turned me onto these tins…the perfect size for projects.  I keep collecting them; buying them with the carmel-filled chocolate ;)…such a penance!  I think that they have this chocolate for every season, this one is for winter, then there are for Christmas, Valentines and Easter.  Hmmmm….I wonder if there are any for St. Patrick’s day or Halloween :).  Anyway, I should be putting the first stitch in soon.

And I went shopping:

Quilt patterns 1
Quilt patterns 1

I needed some therapy 🙂 (I know, old joke).  I took a workshop in strip quilts and I wanted some more patterns.  There are a few little projects too!  The Quadrille pattern is something I saw and I want to make one of those quilts with my moda fabric.  And check out my Bunnyhill pattern!  I like that she combines embroidery and quilting.


Christmas and grab bag goodies
Christmas and grab bag goodies

The Christmas pattern is for christmas card pockets…would be great for gifts!  And the other patterns were in the goodie bag that I ordered…sometimes I like to be surprised and I was pleasantly surprised.  The Fat Quarter Shop has goodie bags that go with one of the strip therapy books so I chose the book and got the rest of the patterns.   Enough shopping for awhile!

Well, it is off to do a little blog hopping!


3 thoughts on “Another day, and what to show….”

  1. Hello! It looks like you don’t have to worry about inspiration for quilting projects! And you also have some few crosstitichings to do,I see 🙂 Isn’t it great to get new patterns and dream about all the beautiful things you can make? You asked about our summer, it was very hot some weeks in June, too hot for me! July was cold and rainy, and most people in Norway have their 3 week summer vacation in July! Of course now in August it has been sunny and warmer again, when people are back to work. I have been busy with making doll clothes this summer, you can see them on my blog. I have also showed pictures of some old doll clothes patterns from 1954, 1955 and 1956. Take a look! Have a nice weekend! Marit

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. On your blog you are dooing lots of embrodery, and you have lots of kits and ufo`s. It is fun to see that quilters all over the world are very alike. I have too many ufo`s, but then I never get bored. I see Marit on the previes notes have told you about our bad weather, it is wet. I have put you on my sidebar bloglist so I will pop in sometime. Kjerstin

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