New sewing room look!

One of the great things about renovating is finding new uses for old things!  I’ve been throwing out the living room items because black, black, black and I don’t mix.  I want wood!  I still love my old dining set and love the scratches and marks that my sons have embedded into it, but it is ratty looking so it was replaced…but it looks great in my sewing room!

New/old sewing table
New/old sewing table

Since the legs would not fit down over the sides of the four  cabinets (old bedroom set, two sets of drawers and 2 sets of cabinets, 2 against two) we took the legs off and voila, a nice high, optimum height table that I can walk around! Just perfect.  We are going to take the long white slab off on the far side so that I can put my cutting mats, scissors and other small items under the table.  As we continue with the renovations, wood flooring will be put down here! :)…happy dancing here.  I am going to change the handles on these cabinets and they will probably be repainted etc….And I arranged my sewing machine table for MAJOR sewing…right in the middle of the room:

Sewing table
Sewing table

I have space to walk around…to the right is my desk and stuff for school. I have good lighting and space.  I’m going to have my husband cut a piece of plywood and sand & varnish it so that I can clamp it between the sewing table and sewing machine table for bigger quilting projects….Happy girl :)….the whole house is upside down but I can use my room!!!

Another view
Another view

My goal is to have as less clutter as possible on the sewing table….I recuperated that beautiful white bookshelf too….baskets, baskets, baskets.  The bookshelf on the right will be going because I want to get cabinets with doors for that space, although I really like to SEE my stuff…something with the creativity…how to be visually appealing without the cluttered look…..HELP ME!

Well, later….back to work!


2 thoughts on “New sewing room look!”

  1. Hi there I try to find the way to talk to you. Thanks for the visit to my blog 🙂
    The trick of manipulating 12.5′ (from my experience) are sewing a scant 1/4 and iron every time after one strip is added. My final blocks have 1/8 inch to be square up. whew … almost not enough for trimming.

  2. Your new sewing room is great! But is it possible to have a sewingroom without clutter 😀 ?
    I have to do something with my fabrics soon, can you believe they don’t get folded and jump back to the shelves on their own? I am afraid there is no use in trying to discipline the fabrics, so maybe it is me that need to discipline myself.

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