Scrappy Christmas blocks finished….

Scrappy Christmas blocks finished
Scrappy Christmas blocks finished

I’m happy that I had almost finished these blocks before the hospital episode.  I will now mail them to Debbie, Donna, Jessica and Beth.

I walked to the mailbox…gotta keep active and since I can’t run, swim or bike right now, it was a walk to the mailbox with my ever-willing-to-go-Shewka.

I came back with this:

Donna's swap blocks
Donna's swap blocks

The colours and material is beautiful.  Thanks Donna.  I tried to find out if she has a website, no :(…

And my sister sent me a care package!

Care Package from J
Care Package from J

Thanks J.  I have wanted to see Revolutionary Road so it will be watched very soon.  The treats I have put aside for the time being….this time I hope to remember where I put the nuts because the last package of nuts went missing :(…I either hid them to well or Michael got at them…The angel is so beautiful and I have put her beside my bed for the moment, probably into/onto hutch later.  The bubblebath will be used tonight and I’m not sharing with Luc :).  Of course the books I will get to!

Before I go, the house is taking some shape:

Cat has dibs on new chair
Cat has dibs on new chair

He’s there when I am there and then keeps it warm.  I had a scare with him last night, he woke me up last night by choking.  I am hoping that it is only furballs, so I gave him some of that molasses stuff.

Here is the new sofa:

New sofa
New sofa

Slowly but surely coming together.  The cabinet on the left is the top of the hutch, we still have a bit of flooring to do on the right.  We still need a tv stand and some tables.  I love the flooring.

Catch you later….I’m feeling better,  a bit restless though.


2 thoughts on “Scrappy Christmas blocks finished….”

  1. So pleased to see you back and feeling better. The house looks great.
    As for the Christmas Blocks they are super, gives me some ideas for my Chrissy fabrics. take care.

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