Walks to the mail are worth it…

Cat ornament
Cat ornament

Well Sheila, I received the cat ornament and koala bear material!  Thanks ever so much!  Great minds think alike because I will let you know that one part of your paperbag goodies is an ornament, but you will have to wait and see ;).  Thanks ever so much and I will be hanging it on my Christmas tree this year.  My Christmas tree treasures are my handmade ornaments.  Thanks ever so much.  Hmmm….now what to do with the material :).

And my Angel Swap partner is hit again:

Angel Swap 2nd package...
Angel Swap 2nd package...

A cross stitch pillow and a bag.  I really love the soft green material trim on the bag, so comfy.  I love the embroidery too Maria.  Hmmm….after the swap is finished I hope that you will let me know who you are, or if you have a blog! Thank you so much.

And, this last picture is what my colleagues and friends sent me:

Thoughtful friends
Thoughtful friends

My colleagues from work sent me some flowers and each and everyone of the English department signed it.  MC, you are the only one who I’ve given my blog address, so here are the flowers.  Thank you so much.  I will email everyone to say thanks.  And my cyberfriends from way back sent me a whole batch of movies! :).  I won’t want to go back to work :).

I didn’t do any sewing today, sort of puttered on the internet and took the dog for TWO walks.  She needed it.

Until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Walks to the mail are worth it…”

  1. lol Peg, the cat was meant to be attached to the end of your scissors then you know they are yours.
    Lovely mail.
    Glad you are improving.
    hugs sheila

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