Last of the Scrappy Christmas blocks…


Scrappy Christmas Block swap
Scrappy Christmas Block swap

Aren’t they nice?  Now I will make a few more of my own and I’m thinking that I will make a tree skirt!  Thanks Debbie, Donna and Jessie.

I am still working on my summertime quilt swap and it is almost finished.  I had so much fun practicing  my stippling and I am now on the binding.  I will post when completed.  Since I have to relax, the handsewing will be a good activity for this evening.

I had my husband drop me off at the second hand store last week and I found some more jars:

More jars
More jars

The one on the left is one hexagonally cool ;).  The one in the middle sure is interesting and I think it would be perfect for my knitting needles (yes J, I have a few 🙂 ).  The one on the right is a type that I keep seeing and have started to collect.  I’m not sure what they were originally for but so far I have 7 and this is the 8th.  They are perfect for threads, ribbons etc…perfect for my room.

Well, off to finish my tea and make a lasagne for supper….at least I can still cook.


2 thoughts on “Last of the Scrappy Christmas blocks…”

  1. You still have knitting needles? Do you want me to send you that stocking pattern – since you have a few more empty weeks on your hands? (Just kidding, I’ve already figured out what I’ll trade you for it!!)
    Stay well!!

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