So I found a pile of….

Upholstery Remnants
Upholstery Remnants

Yes, if you look closely, you can see Laura Ashley on some of them!  A few years ago a friend of the family gave me these fabric sample.  They are from a furniture department.  There was quite a bit of cottons which I washed up and added to my fat quarter collection.  These have been sitting in a pile in the corner and I always wonder what to do with them….I’m thinking that they would be nice to combine with stitcheries.  They only measure about 14 by 14, some is smooth and some is textured.  I went to the fabric store tonight (very small one) and got some textured cream and textured white cotton material so that I can start my first Angel project….I will be sure to show once I get started, like tomorrow, it’s all in the washer now.

Have you all gone over to Among the Gum Trees site?  I spent the better part of the morning participating in all the giveaways.  The nine Australian designers are going to have Christmas patterns on the site, starting in October.  There is so much inspiration over there!

Oh, and even though it has been sunny and warm over the last few days I thought that I would share a picture of the mountain in the front of the house:

Our little mountain
Our little mountain

Do you see the little red tree?  That is always the sign that the seasons are changing, from summer to fall.

More of the mountain
More of the mountain

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