New magazine in the mail today!

New Canadian Quilt magazine!
New Canadian Quilt magazine!

As soon as I knew that there was going to be a new Canadian Quilt magazine I signed up for a year’s subscription…at least to give it a shot.  I am definitely NOT dissatisfied with the first issue!  Quilter’s Connection Magazine is very good!

There are two projects that are calling to me:

Partridge pattern
Partridge pattern

It’s a Christmas wall-hanging with a rustic feel to it…plaids and buttons and felt!  I have just found Laurraine’s website and so want to make her teacup paraphanalia!  This pattern is definitely added to my to-do list!

And this one…

Tree Trimming Stitchery
Tree Trimming Stitchery

FINALLY! A Stitchery in the Australian style IN Canada!  I don’t think that this will get done for this Christmas but I am definitely excited to plot and plan it!  The designer, Dougal Ann Walker lives in BC and has other patterns that combine stitchery and applique into quilting.  I don’t see a link for a website for her but I am on the hunt to check out her other patterns!

So my afternoon was spent with tea in hand, reading and dreaming of quilting delights!  What more can the doctor prescribe? 🙂  If you live in Canada, check out the newsstands!  A very good read.  If you don’t live in Canada, check out the magazine site!  And no, I’m not promoting the magazine 😉

Off to stitch my slow-going needlebook!  I have changed material and feel better about it!


3 thoughts on “New magazine in the mail today!”

  1. Lucky you! Looks like a very nice magazine. I liked the projects you show very much too. And thank you for the link to Laurraine’s website, I have to look more at that one. Sounds like you had a nice afternoon with tea and dreaming, or another word for it – getting inspiration!! I have just ordered a subscription for Australian Creating Country Threads, and look forward to get it. From the pictures it looks like there are many nice small projects, which I like. Hugs from Marit.

  2. Peggy,

    I’ve been reading your blogs but didn’t get the time to comment. I like what you are doing, esp the embroidery. I am late with my Mail Art exchange 😦 . Busy with this Eid break, and with kids at home too.

    Keep up whatever you are doing – be it embroidery, quilting, writing, etc… Esp writing, because I like to read them.

    Have a great weekend, ya!

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