Simple Saturday Rituals…

…even though it is now Sunday I thought that I would share my simple Saturday ritual.

Saturday errands
Saturday errands

On Saturday we always do errands.  Top of the list is to go by the local “depanneur” (corner store/convenience store) to buy my Globe & Mail.  I love my Saturday Globe and I reserve it, hence my name in the corner. I only pick up a paper once a week and this is it.  I spend the next few days reading it from cover to cover, section by section and try to do the Suduko, kenken and Crossword puzzle.  It is a sign that I am too busy when I can’t get through the Globe.

On the way home from the errands, because since we live in the country, we do our grocery shopping and any other errand at the same time, we stop off at the cheese factory at the end of the road. The link that I gave is the little place at the end of the road.  When I say cheese factory, it is not a big building but a small artesian? place where they make cheese.  Cheese in this region is a mainstay and it is the above cheese we buy for snacking on and we can get the same cheese in a block. Oh, when the cheese has to be at room temperature to be the best.  Being English, I always tend to put it right in the fridge but have slowly learned to eat the warm cheese and IT IS so delicious.  The above cheese is called “curd” cheese and is salty and squeaks when we eat it :).  The tradition here is usually on Sundays when everyone is out enjoying a leisurely car ride they stop by any of these cheese places and buy a bag of cheese with their pop of choice and a bag of chips (we don’t buy the chips) and then they eat while they drive.

A little bit of my world.  Is cheese a mainstay for you?  If not, what is?


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