Another Angel Swap received!

I have been spoiled by my angel swap partner!  Maria has done it again and sent me this:

Angel Swap gifts
Angel Swap gifts

Now aren’t they lovely?  The long one is for needlework with pockets and pincushion and so beautiful!  The wider one is for pens or needles  on one side and I can put a book into it and tie it up!  I don’t know who you are Maria but I thank you so much for these gifts.  You do such nice needlework and now I can practice myself by using your example :).  Do you have a website?  If so, I would like to know!

Now you may have noticed my new piece of furniture! :).  We bought it last week and it was delivered today…an electric fireplace!

New fireplace
New fireplace

We had been looking for one for such awhile now but they were either the wrong colour or too cheap looking.  When we saw this one we knew that it was THE one.  We went home to measure the space and visualize it and made the decision.  I love it!  It heats too, already had it on and I am looking forward to this evening!  Just think at what Ican do at Christmas!  Stockings? Creche collection? Those other Christmas decorations?  I think that I will enjoy Christmas this year :).

the cat
the cat

I couldn’t resist showing the cat! He likes the fireplace too! To the lefts are my dictionary box, making do until I get my endtables…hopefully this week!  There is still so much to do but it is starting to pull together.

Off to tidy my sewing area and work on my angel swap gifts.


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