I did the paperbag swap back in June and sent the package to my swap partner on July 20th and she received it yesterday, October 1st in Australia!  Finally!  I was so worried about it because I had spent so much time and energy on the whole swap! She loves it and I am happy that she appreciates it.

Here is the picture I took before I sent it out:

Paper bag swap
Paper bag swap

Sheila had admired my thread pincushion (reversible too) so I used her material and made her one.  And everyone can use a tissue holder, so I use more of the supplies she sent me for that.  She is a Christmas addict 🙂 so I pieced the scraps together to make a funky Christmas stocking and I put a little christmas gift inside which she didn’t wait until Chrismas to open, a thimble…Canadian souvenir.  Of course I added a few other odds & sods (as my dad used to say).  This was a fun swap to do, where we had to use what our partner sent us and then send it back and I made a new friend in the process!  Thanks Sheila!

The weather here is very cold and rainy, a nice day to stay indoors and do some sewing…


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