New sewing lamp…

…at a decent price! I really needed a new light, actually we are trying to decide on light fixtures but by the time we make a decision Christmas will have come and gone ;).  I went to Walmart to check out the sewing lights or lights that work well for sewing/reading, not necessarily to match the decor.  Since I am spending so much time sewing and no adequate light near my sewing chair….here is what I found:

New light
New light

It is a floor lamp…an OTT Light and I love it!  What is so great about it is that it is the price was a good price…or at least I think so.  I had picked out a clip-on light, thinking that I would clip it to my needlwork tray or the side table but then I looked up to the top shelf in the store (Walmart) and saw the box for this and there was a little yellow sticker and a little yellow sticker means “sale.”  It was on special from $99.99 to $40.00!  The one I had in my hand was $34.99 so that clinched the deal.  When I got to the cash register with my Master Bargain Hunter Husband, the price came up for $49.00 :(….but my husband, the price watcher that he is pointed this out to the cashier and we paid $30.00 because of a law we have here in Quebec that says if they make a mistake while scanning the item then the store must take $10.00 off the price of the item….ta da!  You have to be aware of the policy in order to take advantage of it….So an OTT light for this price makes me a happy little sewer 🙂

Me sewing...
Me sewing...

Excuse the socks and my leg! :)….I really don’t like my picture taken but….notice the big magnifiers attached to my glasses?  I have a pair with my embroidery and a pair by my sewing machine, another tool to make life easier!

Still trying to finish what I've started....
Still trying to finish what I've started....

See Shiela!  I am using my scissor fob!  I love it!  I am almost finished this little stitchery, due to my NEW light!


3 thoughts on “New sewing lamp…”

  1. oh me too, maybe we could have a sewing bee, but would we have to draw lots for the chair or do you have more of those. I even fetched The Scot over to have a look at it.

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