Watching the birds and…

Feeder happenings
Feeder happenings

Fall is so here!  I have been having a fun time feeding the bluejays and watching them coming and going to the feeder!  Sometimes there are two or three of the birds in the feeder plus little birds (don’t know the name).  You can see how the colours are changing.

I got mail!

Sew Sisters order
Sew Sisters order

I order the material and it was on special. I had already ordered that Christmas material and figured I’d go back for seconds :).  The blue material has all sorts of sports sayings all over it, perfect for one of my sons.  the circles are templates for applique, I have already used them and they are really useful and make PERFECT circles!  The plastic box is my introductory kit for a block of the month that I am embarking on…by Sew Sisters quilt shop…J, whenever I get to Toronto, I am going to have to check out the shop and see the full quilt :).  I also ordered two small stitcheries.  Embroidery and quilting…go hand in hand!  Oh, I also invested in yet another marking pencil, ever on the quest for that perfect marking tool!

Well, I am off to put away summer clothes and make room for winter….oh and watch the birds!

More birds
More birds

3 thoughts on “Watching the birds and…”

  1. Hi Peg
    Thankyou for visiting and your good wishes
    I know Sheila sent you Isn,t she a Honey
    Love the pin cushion you sent her
    Your angel gifts are lovely
    Yes my advent calendar has pockets

  2. whose bin a talking about me….. blush red face here
    Love your countryside Peg. excellent shopping goodies if I may say so. Do they ship to Aus do you know.

  3. :)….we are lucky with no neighbours in front, in back and on the sides, as well as being high up off the road 200meters :)…the bluejays are so fine! the blue is amazing this year!

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