Some Angel finishes….finally!

2/3 Angel finishes
2/3 Angel finishes

I think that I have a pin theme going here…but I will make up for it with my next little projects.  I finally am satisfied with the needlebook and its embroidery.  I stuffed the smaller circle on the inside with a little bit of batting and am happy with how it turned out.

needle book
needle book

The big pincushion has four different colours so I cross stitched 2 tags, “machine” and “sewing” so that these types of needles can go into a specific space.  I am pleased with the outcome but I am not to happy with the finishing underneath the cushion  so I’ll continue to snip.  Now I have to figure out what else I can make.  The material that I used for both projects comes from a bundle of “Toad-ally” squares. It is cute material.


Finally some finishes!


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