Old crafts…

Kindergarten  Story time apron
Kindergarten Story time apron

I made this at least 20 years ago!  It is the front side of an apron that I made for myself to use in my Kindergarten class.  I was a Pre K/Kindergarten teacher and I used this for Story Time.  The kids loved it!  I used to put my little notes in the pockets and if you look closely, you can see ‘L’il Mr. Greeny.’  He would come out and sit with a child who needed him; the talkative child, the sad child etc….The idea came for this apron from the backside of the apron:

Vinyl side of apron
Vinyl side of apron

I received this promotional apron which was perfect for messy crafts and then decided to construct the Story Time side.  I made two more of these aprons for my each of my sons’ Kindergarten teachers.  They were much appreciated by the teachers because each son chose the designs and helped with the whole creative process, even doing a bit of blanket stitch.  I remember the teachers calling my house to thank me for the apron.  I wonder if they still have them :)…a nice idea for our teachers of our future.


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