Bay Window finished and Christmassy project started


So this step of the renovations are finished.  The next MAJOR step is the railing and stairs, more dust and debris.  The house is coming into its own for 2010.

I don’t know why, but I feel very unrelaxed and since I heard a Christmas commercial and then came upon this pattern in my sewing room reorganization:

Christmas card pockets
Christmas card pockets

It’s this pattern from Suzanne’s  Art House.  I am making a Santa one and so last night I took out all my Christmas fabric and chose the colours and started cutting and then continued on this morning.  The pattern really caters to strip piecing but it is also giving me the chance to try out the Angler 2, which I bought last year and have yet to use it.  I have to make 36 diaganols on blocks…errr…double that.

Angler 2 in action
Angler 2 in action

My first few were terrible but I am happy with it and it is so much easier than marking and struggling to see the stitching line :(.  You may notice that I put it on upside down :(…however it is symmetrical so I don’t think that is causing me any problems.  Of course I have to test out the new sewing arrangement and I think that I have got the perfect sewing triangle setup that is working like a charm:

Sewing triangle
Sewing triangle

Cutting to sewing to ironing or Cutting to ironing to sewing but all in a triangle with enough space not to be always bumping into everything.  Well, back to angling 😉


5 thoughts on “Bay Window finished and Christmassy project started”

  1. oh I am so green with envy. A bay window (with a windowseat) has always been my dream,but alas will never be.
    You are going to post next that you have a French window leading out onto the garden….. if you do then my bags are packed I am coming to live with you.
    The angler 2 is very interesting. Is it as easy as it looks, or you say it is.
    Keep well.

  2. Oh you have made me chuckle Sheila! 🙂 I really wanted the bay window but I don’t think that we will be sitting on it, more likely the cat! As for the French doors leading out onto the garden…not in this lifetime, however, we are going to do some landscaping in the spring, to deal with our huge overgrown cedars, which were much smaller and now block all our views. Our house is quite humble and it was high time that we renovate, there were cracks in the window sills and foggy window panes :(. I am keeping everything simple and quite country. When we got the fireplace a few weeks ago I had visions of what Christmas decorations would go up there, but now, with the bay window area! 🙂 🙂 :)…nativity scene collection? It will be nice to decorate that area season. The walls are very bare right now, I have finally hung up the wall hanging that you sent me, beside my desk in my sewing room for now and then it will be hung in the living area somewhere.

    I sewed all afternoon, using my angler and doing my rows for that little Christmas project. I should have something to show tomorrow in regards to Christmas. Oh the weather out there is frightful…actually the snow is still there and hasn’t melted. Do you miss England snowfalls?

    Did you show The Scot the big Cedar that needs a chainsaw’s help?

    Later Peggy

  3. Hi Peg,

    Just to let you know that I am still reading your blog, though I seldom remark or comment.

    It’s great to see progress in your needlework.

    Yeah, X-mas is coming soon. I wonder if I can spare some time to sew something for a x-mas friend, with the tight schedule of work…

    Is it snowing already there?

  4. ohhh so love the window bay .. n the snow .. my kids would love to experience them .. i wish i had a window with a view like tht .. hugzz take care

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