Still here and some progress…

…on my Christmas wall hanging:

christmas wallhanging...
Christmas wallhanging

The berries are handstitched and now I just have to make the santa pocket.  I’m really not liking the colours but I am going to finish it to see how it turns out.

Look at what I made this afternoon!


Finger pin cushion

It’s a pin cushion for your finger!  I got it from Don’t Look Now blog.  It takes exactly 15 minutes, so easy and so cute and so practical, especially for applique!  The material that it is sitting on is a 14/20 quilted piece that I have prepared for a workshop.  The piece took at least 2 hours to quilt.  I love to roll my fingers over it.  I am heading out for my first ever workshop since I got sick in August.  I am so looking forward to it. I still can’t drive but someone is taking me and I hope to learn something new.  It is a workshop for a kind of applique.

Well, off to supper and then out the door, hoping my husband doesn’t forget me!


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