What I learned last night…

Applique motifs

Now they might look like much, but each flower has about 6 pieces.  I really like the technique and will continue to practice it.  I am going to make all kinds of flowers to practice with.  The next step is to use the sewing machine and quilt around and in the flowers and that will be a process in creativity.  I  then did the leaves, but last night the teacher had an applique pressing mat that is made of teflon. I don’t have one and ordered one today ;), but I thought of a kitchen tool that I have, a non-stick silicone baking mat, so I tried it out and it is heat resistant.  It worked for one process but I am going to make another flower and see if  the whole process works.  Because I’m not sure if my kitchen mat has teflon in it I will be careful….I will continue to experiment.

Make do pressing mat

I am going to machine quilt my christmas wallhanging tonight and hope to finish it soon.


2 thoughts on “What I learned last night…”

  1. Wow I love the flowers! My mother in law quilts and has taken courses in the past… some of the pieces look deceptively simple!! I am barely able to use my machine! It seems so difficult!!!!

  2. It must be interesting to learn how to do the applique. I have never learnt how to do it, I just applique my way, but don’t know if it is right 🙂

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