It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Step 1 of Christmas Lights


Another shot
Another shot

Step 2 is to put the old coloured lights all around the two huge Cedars that are in front.  I have an idea for the bird feeder too :).

As for sewing not much happening there, busy with family and appointments etc.  But I did receive my Ugly Duckling fabrics for the month:

Ugly Duckling fabric shipment

I treated myself to a fabric of the month through Quilter’s Warehouse and this is this month’s shipment….all 100% cotton and some nice sized blue material :)…I love blue.

I hope that everyone is doing something that they love.

Thanks for visiting.


Wallhanging finished….well…

Christmas pocket wallhanging

Ta da!   I say well almost because I want to put two tabs on the back of the quilt but I forget where on the web I saw a tutorial for them!  Does anyone know where I can find directions?

And here is my latest jar…such a nice one, old-fashioned:

New jar

And just because this is my blog:

Hubby, working on the beadboard

We are putting up beadboard on this side of the livingroom and along the long wall opposiet hubby.  I can’t wait for it all to be done.  But here is my hubby scaring me…it is a long drop… Doesn’t the beadboard look nice?

Well, off to put the binding on two wallhangings that have been sitting around my sewing room for ages…one Christmassy and one kind of. Finish my WIPs that are staring at me.

Here is what I am quilting…I had already put the bind on but didn’t finish it because…procrastination:

Christmas soldier

Just putting the binding on it!

Santa pocket wallhanging

So this is the mini wallhanging.  I am in the midst of putting on the binding, red and then will put some tabs on the back to hang somewhere.

Thank you to those who complimented my last posting content.

As for the Supreme Slider, I like it! There is absolutely no friction.  I played around with the quilting under the pocket and had trouble with my grasp so I put these on:

Quilting gloves (not)

I think that they are some sort of medical gloves.  My husband works for a medical supply company and these were some samples.  He brought them home thinking that I could do something with the ;)…I wore them with the white on the palm side of my hands.  They really helped me move my material around.  So, in the final analysis, I enjoyed my experience and am ready to prepare a lap quilt, well, almost  for some more practice!

Thanks for the yo-yo compliments.  I made them up for a Christmas workshop, thinking that they would be too mundane, but the guild ladies liked them and they are easy to make and fun to make!

Well, off to finish the binding.

Still around and still working on this:

Quilting the wallhanging

I have to quilt it and then put the pocket on the front.  I am using a new toy called the Supreme Slider.  I ordered it from Leah Day.  She is my machine quilting mentor.  Check out her site!  She puts up videos almost everyday, all about machine quilting.

Here is the slider:

Supreme Slider

And the piece that I was practicing on, with verrrrrrrrrrrrry bad tension…but fixed that!

Here are some of my neat tools for applique:

Applique pressing mats

The bottom white mat is for a cookie sheet but works wonders and is see through for the pattern.  The coloured ones are from the Dollarama (costs $2) and they work great.  And the pure white one is a real applique pressing mat.  Not to get crackin’ (actually, I already have but can’t show).

And here are two yo-yo ornaments I made for a guild workshop:

yo-yo ornaments

I used a button at the bottom and beads between the yo-yos.  Cute.

Off to finish the wallhanging!

From this…

Messy basics

To this:

Organized basics

I was tired of my basics being so difficult to get at etc and came across these plastic bins at the local Dollarama and the rest is history:)…rolled and sorted and tidy.  Now to look at the tin situation.