From this…

Messy basics

To this:

Organized basics

I was tired of my basics being so difficult to get at etc and came across these plastic bins at the local Dollarama and the rest is history:)…rolled and sorted and tidy.  Now to look at the tin situation.


7 thoughts on “From this…”

  1. It looks great! It has been some while since I have been visiting you, it has been busy weeks. Your new windows look very nice. And I see you have snow outside! Beautiful pictures with the birds.

  2. Hi Peg, thank you so much for being my secret stitchery angel. I didn’t see your email to thank you. I love what you sent. I love the sewing bag and really love the fabric you used. You did a fantastic job on everything! I am so lucky to have you as my angel. I am a huge fan of Australian magazines and that was perfect. Thank you so much. Please keep in touch. My email is

  3. That is a good idea – rolling up the fabric so that we can SEE the fabric. Usually people stack it up according to colors. I have the shelf for my fabric but first I need to clean up one room to free up my ‘sewing room’. Anyway, last weekend mum’s helper helped by making a bigger space by moving the boxes to the side. I can even do my cutting in the room. I have old pictures but waiting for a sunny day (forgot to take yesterday when I was home) to take of the new look.

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