Still around and still working on this:

Quilting the wallhanging

I have to quilt it and then put the pocket on the front.  I am using a new toy called the Supreme Slider.  I ordered it from Leah Day.  She is my machine quilting mentor.  Check out her site!  She puts up videos almost everyday, all about machine quilting.

Here is the slider:

Supreme Slider

And the piece that I was practicing on, with verrrrrrrrrrrrry bad tension…but fixed that!

Here are some of my neat tools for applique:

Applique pressing mats

The bottom white mat is for a cookie sheet but works wonders and is see through for the pattern.  The coloured ones are from the Dollarama (costs $2) and they work great.  And the pure white one is a real applique pressing mat.  Not to get crackin’ (actually, I already have but can’t show).

And here are two yo-yo ornaments I made for a guild workshop:

yo-yo ornaments

I used a button at the bottom and beads between the yo-yos.  Cute.

Off to finish the wallhanging!


3 thoughts on “Still around and still working on this:”

  1. That supreme slider looks great, I am sure you will get your quilting very nice. How cute the yo-yo ornaments were! I am practicing on making yo-yos, but have not got time to try more yet. This week I have been busy painting my kitchen, it has changed from green to caffe latte. I have finished the painting tonight. I like it very much!

  2. Peggy,

    I love the yo-yo x-mas ornaments! I hope to be able to make some for my Christian friends soon!
    I also made the finger needle cushion that you made earlier!

    I still have a long way to go as far as quilting is concerned.

    I always look forward to your blog for more ideas!

  3. so do you like the super slider? no? you really didn’t say much… maybe you haven’t made up your mind yet?

    Those yo-yo tree ornaments are too cute! 😉
    Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

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