Just putting the binding on it!

Santa pocket wallhanging

So this is the mini wallhanging.  I am in the midst of putting on the binding, red and then will put some tabs on the back to hang somewhere.

Thank you to those who complimented my last posting content.

As for the Supreme Slider, I like it! There is absolutely no friction.  I played around with the quilting under the pocket and had trouble with my grasp so I put these on:

Quilting gloves (not)

I think that they are some sort of medical gloves.  My husband works for a medical supply company and these were some samples.  He brought them home thinking that I could do something with the ;)…I wore them with the white on the palm side of my hands.  They really helped me move my material around.  So, in the final analysis, I enjoyed my experience and am ready to prepare a lap quilt, well, almost  for some more practice!

Thanks for the yo-yo compliments.  I made them up for a Christmas workshop, thinking that they would be too mundane, but the guild ladies liked them and they are easy to make and fun to make!

Well, off to finish the binding.


One thought on “Just putting the binding on it!”

  1. I’ve got some gloves just like them. They do work great. Thanks for showing your cute Christmas projects.

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