Wallhanging finished….well…

Christmas pocket wallhanging

Ta da!   I say well almost because I want to put two tabs on the back of the quilt but I forget where on the web I saw a tutorial for them!  Does anyone know where I can find directions?

And here is my latest jar…such a nice one, old-fashioned:

New jar

And just because this is my blog:

Hubby, working on the beadboard

We are putting up beadboard on this side of the livingroom and along the long wall opposiet hubby.  I can’t wait for it all to be done.  But here is my hubby scaring me…it is a long drop… Doesn’t the beadboard look nice?

Well, off to put the binding on two wallhangings that have been sitting around my sewing room for ages…one Christmassy and one kind of. Finish my WIPs that are staring at me.

Here is what I am quilting…I had already put the bind on but didn’t finish it because…procrastination:

Christmas soldier

3 thoughts on “Wallhanging finished….well…”

  1. oh I love your quilts and the jar. awww hubby be careful that looks very dangerous to me. Your house is going to look fabulous.
    By Tabs on the back did you mean how to hang it. I always put a rod pocket on mine with a slim piece of timber through and brass eyelets on the end. You can then attach fishing line (which can’t be seen and make it the length for hanging.
    sorry if this wasn’t what you meant 🙂

  2. what a nice way to keep up with the Christmas cards that arrive this season 🙂 I love how your little santa quilt turned out. And I ordered the super angle thingy last night for my stocking! 😉 Thanks for recommending it.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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