Well, I have finished 2009 and feel happy and content to be healthy, or seem healthy.  My stroke back in August has made me think a little bit differently…errrr….a whole lot differently.  I try to keep my blog centered on my ceativity and haven’t talked about my health issues and this particular health issue has had an impact on my creativity as well as the other areas of my life.  In 2010 I hope to continue to be creative and share in the blogging world with swaps and exchanges.  I have made some amazing friendships this year and would not have made them if I didn’t blog.

I don’t have any pictures to show since I lost everything on my computer, pictures, patterns, everything! :(…so for my last post of 2009 I leave you with my thanks for visiting and I hope to blog more regularly because to blog is to create! 🙂



Challenges, challenges!

Christmas 2010 Preparations!

My quilting, crafting and chrismas-loving friend Shiela has started a group to prepare for Christmas 2010! I have decided to join.  No need in twisting my arm because I had just discussed this with Astrid and Margaret from my Needlecrafts group.

Excuse me for my absence but my computer has been in the hospital! I lost ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.  I lost all my quilting and embroidery patterns and pictures…Key words now: BACK UP everything! Grrrr….I should be back regularly.

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone.

An Afternoon’s delight!

Building Gingerbread Houses

Seriously hard work!

Break time between building and decorating

The houses have to dry before we can decorate them, so outdoors to play with Uncle L.

More fun with Uncle L.

When there is no sled, use what is at hand…the snow shovel! Lots of fun and of course the dog!

Candy, candy, and more candy!
Coousins at work and in admiration! Big ones helping little ones!

And one final creation!

My creation!

All the children made their own but I didn’t get to take a picture of them wrapped up in cellophane, so pretty! And so easy to transport home.  This is the one that I made after I cleaned up, had supper and made a tea.  A very tiring afternoon, actually last few days, but well worth the fun!  I loved making these when my children were growing up and I really don’t think that I have seen the last of miniature gingerbread houses!

Now what to do with all the extra candy! And yes, I did send some home!  Lost of gingerbread cookies to eat too!

Christmas baking for a Gingerbread House Party!

The gingerbread "lumber"These are the pieces to make miniature  gingerbread houses.  I have made 10 set because I have 3 nieces and 1 nephew who are coming tomorrow to build their own gingerbread houses! I used to do this many years ago when I was a kindergarten teacher and then through my two sons’ formative years.  We always had fun and a few weeks ago, my younger son and I were reminiscing about the good times we had with this activity that we decided to do it for my nieces and nephew.  There is a hick and it was a BIG one.  One of my nieces is allergic to gluten AND nuts! :(…and I wanted to include her so these houses are very expensive.  I went out and got all the ingredients to make gluten/nut free gingerbread houses.  My niece is very happy to be included in a fun project like this.  I got together with her mother and we have scads of treats to decorate the houses!  I will post pictures after the event.

I am so tired right now.  I started baking at 3:00…and I have the last of the cookies in the oven, made all the house parts and then made different forms of cookies.  All ready for decorating tomorrow!

Socks and dogs!
Socks and Dogs

Oh and I will leave you with the other project that is taking up time and NOT letting me decorate :(…but 🙂 happy that it is done:

Staircase railing

The house is full of dust!  Ah renos!  I may be able to decorate by Friday…..we’ll see.

Time for an update…

Not far from my sewing....

Pye is my constant companion and is always here when I am sewing and I am finishing up WIPs….

First up:


But I am definitely NOT happy with it.  I tried the technique of putting a sleeve on the back and then putting a dowel inside and hooks on the dowel but it gave a bump! Do you see it or is it just me? Why did this happen?  Should I have put the sleeve higher?  Does anyone know how to put sleeves on so that we don’t see the wire on the back to hang it?

2nd up:

Binding is on!

But don’t know what to do for back sleeve :(.

3rd up:

A Gift?

Again the sleeve on the back or I have another idea! Two buttons in the corner with a cording to hang it with.  There is also a slight problem with the binding…gotta figure it out!

I am so slow!

And here is the other four-legged creature of our household:

Not asleep!

Shewka is depressed….everyone is busy not paying attention to her!

Catch you all later!