Time for an update…

Not far from my sewing....

Pye is my constant companion and is always here when I am sewing and I am finishing up WIPs….

First up:


But I am definitely NOT happy with it.  I tried the technique of putting a sleeve on the back and then putting a dowel inside and hooks on the dowel but it gave a bump! Do you see it or is it just me? Why did this happen?  Should I have put the sleeve higher?  Does anyone know how to put sleeves on so that we don’t see the wire on the back to hang it?

2nd up:

Binding is on!

But don’t know what to do for back sleeve :(.

3rd up:

A Gift?

Again the sleeve on the back or I have another idea! Two buttons in the corner with a cording to hang it with.  There is also a slight problem with the binding…gotta figure it out!

I am so slow!

And here is the other four-legged creature of our household:

Not asleep!

Shewka is depressed….everyone is busy not paying attention to her!

Catch you all later!


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