An Afternoon’s delight!

Building Gingerbread Houses

Seriously hard work!

Break time between building and decorating

The houses have to dry before we can decorate them, so outdoors to play with Uncle L.

More fun with Uncle L.

When there is no sled, use what is at hand…the snow shovel! Lots of fun and of course the dog!

Candy, candy, and more candy!
Coousins at work and in admiration! Big ones helping little ones!

And one final creation!

My creation!

All the children made their own but I didn’t get to take a picture of them wrapped up in cellophane, so pretty! And so easy to transport home.  This is the one that I made after I cleaned up, had supper and made a tea.  A very tiring afternoon, actually last few days, but well worth the fun!  I loved making these when my children were growing up and I really don’t think that I have seen the last of miniature gingerbread houses!

Now what to do with all the extra candy! And yes, I did send some home!  Lost of gingerbread cookies to eat too!


6 thoughts on “An Afternoon’s delight!”

  1. firstly S N O W I am lost for words. Is it cold.
    Now onto the GBH how super and just look at the concentration, big kids and little kids alike, oh what a super Aunt you must be. Thanks for sharing such
    happy times.
    Now just take a couple of days and sit and sew and rest.

  2. HI Sheila, actually today was quite mild. Out in Western Canada they are down to -45, we had some very cold weather but only about -15 and today it was probably about -5, so perfect for some outdoor fun. The children really loved it and now I am enjoying gingerbread cookies with my tea. Oh what to sew! I’m not sure, maybe my cross stitch, but something.
    Thanks for you kind compliments about my gingerbread extravaganza! It has gotten me into some Christmas spirit!


  3. I was so busy before Christmas so I didn’t get time for a visit. The gingerbread house decorating looks so fun. What wonderful memories that will be for these children. We have snow here too, but not much. We have a nice family Christmas with our three boys at home. Have a blessed Christmas!

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