Quilting courses!

Curb quilt with batiks

I signed up to learn the curve technique.  I think that the quilt is based on stack, slice and sew curves.  It will be in February so I will have to get me some fabric! :).  I also signed up for the applique course, which I have already done but will take it as a refresher.

I haven’t gotten back into any sewing but have been busy with cross stitching and will take a picture of the little Christmas design that I have been working on.  I just don’t know what project to start with for quilting….decisions, decisions!

I will make a conscious effort to post because by posting that will mean I am creating, so stay tuned!


One thought on “Quilting courses!”

  1. It must be interesting to learn this technique. It looks very difficult so I am sure it will be good to get help in the process.
    I have been thinking on that Christmas projects group, but I think it will ony give me strain 🙂
    Me too have not been sewing any in the new year. It has been so cold so I have mostly been sitting knitting close to the stove.
    I have a give away at my blog right now, so if you want to win a pair of Selbu mittens you are welcome to visit. Have a nice day!

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