Pictures of WIPs to be finished SOON!

Table runner

I so totally forgot about this table runner and the reason why it is unfinished is because I made a mistake and had trouble with correcting it, so now is the time to rectify things.  It is the perfect size for my table :).

Lap quilt

I started this last year and totally loved making it, I just have to cut the points off and put the two borders on….and I have an idea for it :).  I’m calling my “house” quilt because the border has houses in it.

And this is what I stitched during the evenings this week:

Christmas ornament #1 - 2010

So I stitched this ornament but have no idea how to finish it.  I don’t want to finish it with the plastic ring.  I would like to do something quilty with it….any ideas? Fast and simple design.  Or maybe I will just put it in a card?

Radha's draw gift

I sent this out to Radha last week…all the way to Malaysia….hoping that it gets there soon and then I will let you know what it is! 😉

Off to stitch!


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