Ta Da!

From this:

1st try

To this:

First border

to 2nd border:

2nd border

To the finish!

Final outcome

I am happy with it!  Thank you so much Sheila for your border design help!  I find that it is much more muted and more to my liking.  Now I am going to sandwich it and machine quilt it! Yay!  I found an idea that I am going to plan out but I will do it on my machine! Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Ta Da!”

  1. I was about to ‘blast’ you about putting a narrow border but I love the outcome.

    i still prefer the purple border but the beauty is held in the holder’s hands. so now you can happily quilt away.

  2. This was a very good result! I think the way it came out gives a much more impression of that the different fabrics correspond with each other. It is beautiful!

  3. looks great. Interesting Zarina preferred the purple whereas I thought the quilt needed lifting. Different quilters different ideas but like I say…if you like it its perfect. Well done.

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