Quilting and working!

I am back to the working world so my days are so full….between working and then running AFTER work, I don’t get home until well into the evening, which leaves me little time to do my creative pursuits.  I think that after I get into a routine I will be able to hit the sewing room.  I intend to do that this week.  I have started to quilt my “House – Tipi” quilt and have it set up to go to during the week.  Have a look-see!

Basted Quilt

So, here is the quilt all basted!  It took me all last Monday to do and then the next day my hands were sore!

Stabilizing Outline started

My first step is to outline all the rectangly blocks with a 1/8 inch seam….time consuming but fun. I am doing it with my walking foot.  I am using the same thread throughout and it looks really cool on the back! I will probably do a meandering design in the house borders and haven’t really decided for the coloured square borders, probably something geometric!

The back:

The back...cool

I’m using a burgundy stitch which doesn’t stand out as much ast it does here…hmmm…

The Front, in progress:

The front

I am far from finished and have ideas for the middle of these rectangles, depending.  I am enjoying this process and it is really the first time that I have quilted something this large.  Since it is for me, I can make mistakes without beating myself up!

I am also starting a BOM for Christmas, from Debbie Mumm….I am doing it with my SIL who lives across the country so we will motivate each other.  It doesn’t look too hard and I love the fact that each block represents a thought. Does anyone care to join in?

And this is what is beckoning on my design wall:

Gift that needs to be finished

It is a gift for my SIL and I found the rust fabric when I got my backing for the house quilt last week.  This will end up to be either a table runner or two placemats, since there are two of those roosters.  Does anyone know where I could get a tablerunner that would cater to the two roosters.  I think that these were supposed to be for cushions but this will be for my SIL’s kitchen which has the rooster theme.

Thanks for stopping by…I will try posting more often!


One thought on “Quilting and working!”

  1. I love looking at a quilt which has been basted and ready for quilting. I think that is my favourite part.

    have you tried basting using safety (quilting type) pins? Even though the fingers will get sore but you won’t have the issue of removing the thread. Just my opinion since I am so loving those pins at the moment.

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