House is upside down….

…so to speak!

Stove and dishwasher in the living room

No cooking and dishwashing!

Lonely refrigerator

At least the refrigerator is plugged in! :).  We just retiled the sides of the kitchen floor so that everything is even.  There is NO PLUMBING! We have to move the sink a few inches so that will be done after the cupboards are in and sink is placed…hence, when I want to boil water for a tea, I just flip the kettle switch in the washroom….quite  useful first thing in the morning ;).

So, what is sewer to do?


Well, decorate! :).  I really want to look at these wallhangings and this cabinet was looking kind of bare so….with the help of my new best friend, velcro, up they went.  What is nice is that I can move them too!  On the left are gifts from my sister.

Here is the view of my sewing room by the door.  All the clutter will be gone when we start putting the old kitchen cupboards up in here, so these are technically my before pictures.

Now to go and tidy up….what I can tidy up!

Cupboards slowing moving….

…into my sewing room:

1st cupboard in!

Check out the size of it!  The bottom part has pull out shelves and I am thinking that my fat quarters would naturally fit in those! :).  I will probably put office, family kind of stuff in the middle part, plus some magazines.  On the top? Hmmmmm…planning and plotting!  Our new kitchen comes on Monday, so from now until then we are doing the prepping.  I won’t be putting anymore cupboards into my sewing room until after the new kitchen is put in because instead of emptying all the cupboards into boxes, we left cupboards full so we will transfer.  What a job! Lots to think about!

On the sewing front, I took an applique workshop last night and worked on appliqueing.  I have a 2nd course next week.  It is really basic but I want to gain my confidence level because I have a huge project that I want to start!

Well, time to watch the news and sew the recaps of Canada’s 4 medals today! Yay!

New Workshops and kitchen renovation!

I am living in this:

Kitchen cupboards in the livingroom

Taken from here:

No more kitchen cupboards...

So we will be living through this kitchen renovation for awhile yet….the new kitchen cupboards should be put in the first week of March….fingers crossed.  The men took out the cupboards today while I went to do this:

Working with curves

I know, I know, the material does not match but I was learning the technique of sewing curves and I must admit I was having fun.  I am going to order some batiks and make something like this:

My Quilt Teacher's Batik Curve quilt

Isn’t it beautiful? So now I am in the midst of shopping for my batiks and as soon as the kitchen is finished….well…another project will be underway!  I have always been afraid of working with batiks because of the colour matching but I learned a lot in my workshop so I feel more confident in starting a project with them; another UFO? 🙂

And on that note…off to have my tea and sit with my kitty cat…

Favourite thing of late and cooking!

New Teacup!

Such an unorthodox tea cup but I love it and it keeps my tea HOT for up to four hours.  That is what it said on the package of two travelling cups! And it is true!  I make my tea and can sip it an hour later if I’ve forgotten about it and it is still hot!  It also keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours.  It is the little things in life that count! Like hot tea!

I didn’t do any sewing today.  Instead I ran and made two batches of spaghetti sauce:

Mega spaghetti sauce

From this: (Note the extra large cooking circle on the right! Another favourite thing)

To this:

13 jars of spaghetti sauce and a lasagne

Now I am tired.  Just finished cleaning the kitchen and it is after nine :(….I love to can!

Well, back to the grind tomorrow but I have a quilting guild meeting tomorrow night so maybe I will be in with inspiration!

January “Hospitality” of Debbie Mumm’s BOM finished

January - Hospitality

Here is the first block in the Debbie Mumm Christmas BOM that I am doing with my SIL.


Here are some pictures of the process, for you Paula….

Sewn together

A tad off on the side 😦 but worked in the end....

Half done!
Make sure the seams are ironed in opposite directions...
Top and bottom sewin together
Cutting off the extra triangle
On the Design Wall

Each block has a name, and this one’s name is “Hospitality.”  An idea flew into my head in that I think that I am going to put the names of the blocks onto strips and intersperse them between each block….Since this a a year-long project, I get to think!   Block #1 done.  Paula, I will probably come back to edit the pictures.