So many ideas… little time….need to balance!


Anyhow, it is my day off today and I have spent all morning correcting and inputting marks :(…and I still have some schoolwork to do! My quilt is beckoning me, it sitting right there on the machine bed, waiting for me to outline some more rectangles! I am sure that if the poor machine had arms it would pull me over the next time I walk by :).

Last night I pulled out the material for my BOM Debbie Mumm’s Christmas Quilt:

Debbie Mumm BOM Christmas Quilt

I am using ALL material from my stash….seriously! I even have some backing material! Yay!

Here are my swatches:

Organized swatches

I know, so organized….actually, I am going to write the colour names too.  My next step in the organization process is to cut the fabric for the first block but at the same time, cut the three colours and organize bags of monthly blocks….I am on a roll! :).

Now, I really have to make a tea, water is boiled and I really must sit in my chair and drink the tea while it is still hot and NOT multi-task, which I seem to be doing and ending up with cold tea! Recharge, regroup, just sit and drink the tea. Do you think I can do it? Is it possible?


One thought on “So many ideas… little time….need to balance!”

  1. Wow you are so organized. Looks like you will be ready to start sewing on the BOM when you get your house quilt done. I did go over the pattern a little bit on the BOM and do have a couple questions, I will send some questions through your email address. Nothing to serious, just want to clarify a couple things before i start cutting 🙂

    I need to go back to fabricland this weekend to get fusible web. Hey what color are you using for the backing? Same color as the outside border? I need to get that material too. I want to get my pattern cut out before going back up just incase I might need more material.

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