Debbie Mumm Christmas blocks cut out!

Christmas block material cut out

I got carried away and cut out all the material for my Debbie Mumm Christmas BOM! All in strips and put into labeled baggies! So now I am ready to do block #1.

Let’s here it for plastic shoe boxes in different sizes…not too sure if I like the smaller rectangle one but it holds a project!

Plastic storage boxes

I’ve been using these and wisely too.  My sewing machine stuff in one (includes bobbins) and BOMs in one, ribbons in another and so on!  I am on the verge of purging my tin collection too since I have trouble remembering what is in the closed tin. I am definitely visual!

The BOM will have to wait because my house quilt is still on the machine:

In progress

Slowly but surely.  I hope that I can work on it during the week! BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE…my mantra, my chant!


2 thoughts on “Debbie Mumm Christmas blocks cut out!”

  1. I’m exhausted. You are so organised and do so much.
    Love the colours for your BOM and the
    House Quilt is looking great. btw have you ever used safety pins to baste. I always did the large tacking stitches and it took ages. Finally got conned into safety pins, and I wouldn’t do it any other way now. And so much quicker.
    Hope its warmer for your running.

  2. Wow! You are so organized! I thought I was really clever, buying a bunch of boxes from IKEA. Problem is a have no idea what is in them, so I spend way too much time looking for things. I need to replace them. Are those considered to be “Shoe boxes” that you use? Your fabrics for the Debbie Mumm BOM are fabulous, made even better by coming from your stash. I like your House quilt, too. Sheila has suggested safety pins for basting – I use them in combination with some basting spray – makes it way quicker, and easier on your hands. LOL, your mantra’s the same as mine!

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