Decisions, decisions, decisions

Finally, an update:

Can't go further

So, here is the state of my house quilt :(…I am statisfied with the stabilizing sewing….somewhat.  Every so often the top thread length would get larger, so there are a few places where the stitch lengths are uneven but I can live with that.  I tried to solve the problem so many times but to no avail. Maybe someone out there in quiltland has an idea of why when using the walking foot, all of a sudden, the stitch length gets larger, but only for one stitch!   The part that I can’t live with is that I tried for over a day and a half to get the proper tension! I would get it on my sample but never on my quilt…the top stitching was sometimes so small and I wasn’t going overly fast or overly slow….and the bottome looks so bad…the top stitches are too tight where the back stitches are so long and loose! Any ideas?  So, decisions, decisons.  The quilt has now become a UFO until I buy myself a new machine.  I’m looking into Pfaffs and hoping! I have had this Kenmore, bottom of the line machine for over 20 years now so I think that I can start looking for a machine that I can quilt with.  Does anyone want to weigh in the what kind of machine they have?

So, I am not quitting sewin, I can still piece and make quilt tops so :)…..

Starting January Block

First mistake…..I had to redo them…

See the mistake?

The mistake is that the colours must match up, the green with green and the yellow with yellow.  Mine did not, so back to the drawing board!

Oh! There is a new quilter on the block.  My SIL Paula who is doing this Christmas BOM with me.  Go and welcome her to quilty, craftyland!

Here is the weather today:

Hiding in the bird feeder
A cold bird?

I really should have the lights taken down but it is just too cold….it is so windy today.  I think the trees are going to be lopsided forever!


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions, decisions”

  1. Peggy when quilting the quilt. Did you make the stitch longer…..I usually stitch at 2.5 but when quilting with the walking foot I go up to 3.0 if the batting is thick even 3.5. Remember is has a lot of thickness to stitch together. Hope this helps. And I drop the tension … usually have it 4.5 ish but down to 3.5 ish. All machines are different, even the same brand. I have a Pffaff. What a good idea for a blog post. My Machine what I like and what I don’t.

  2. I have no idea how to help you with the quilting. I have never used a walking foot for quilting – am only doing stippling or pebbling on my machine.

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