New Workshops and kitchen renovation!

I am living in this:

Kitchen cupboards in the livingroom

Taken from here:

No more kitchen cupboards...

So we will be living through this kitchen renovation for awhile yet….the new kitchen cupboards should be put in the first week of March….fingers crossed.  The men took out the cupboards today while I went to do this:

Working with curves

I know, I know, the material does not match but I was learning the technique of sewing curves and I must admit I was having fun.  I am going to order some batiks and make something like this:

My Quilt Teacher's Batik Curve quilt

Isn’t it beautiful? So now I am in the midst of shopping for my batiks and as soon as the kitchen is finished….well…another project will be underway!  I have always been afraid of working with batiks because of the colour matching but I learned a lot in my workshop so I feel more confident in starting a project with them; another UFO? 🙂

And on that note…off to have my tea and sit with my kitty cat…


5 thoughts on “New Workshops and kitchen renovation!”

  1. that quilt is absolutely beautiful 🙂 can’t wait to see what material you pick up to make one 🙂

    So what kind of cupboards are you putting in?


  2. Yes, the quilt is so nice…..I have to pick out at least 11 different batiks……the curves were quite easy, once we know the technique.

    As for the cupboards….white, kind of countrystyle with some wainscotting on some of them, a kitchen counter….tomorrow we are going to start putting some of the old cupboards into my sewing room….lots of workahead of us.

    Later Peggy

  3. Wow, Peggy! Changing the kitchen cabinets? Can’t wait to see the new ones.

    I also can’t wait to see the finished quilt too. I am not good with color matching…

  4. Now I see what has kept you busy and away from the computer. From emptying a kitchen to sewing to you hearts’ content :-))

  5. Lovely batik quilt! I have collected some batiks too, but I’m not “there” yet! To do curves is another thing I want to try……….. This darn time!!!! Always something else to do! :))
    Your kitchen – OH JOY!!! I’ve been through it – not here. but in Norway, when we restored a wooden house built in 1902. I had the feeling I ate dust!!! LOL
    How’s your Christmas projects going? These days I’m working on a small winter wall quilt – UFO. I’ll see if I quilt it today…

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