Cupboards slowing moving….

…into my sewing room:

1st cupboard in!

Check out the size of it!  The bottom part has pull out shelves and I am thinking that my fat quarters would naturally fit in those! :).  I will probably put office, family kind of stuff in the middle part, plus some magazines.  On the top? Hmmmmm…planning and plotting!  Our new kitchen comes on Monday, so from now until then we are doing the prepping.  I won’t be putting anymore cupboards into my sewing room until after the new kitchen is put in because instead of emptying all the cupboards into boxes, we left cupboards full so we will transfer.  What a job! Lots to think about!

On the sewing front, I took an applique workshop last night and worked on appliqueing.  I have a 2nd course next week.  It is really basic but I want to gain my confidence level because I have a huge project that I want to start!

Well, time to watch the news and sew the recaps of Canada’s 4 medals today! Yay!


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