House is upside down….

…so to speak!

Stove and dishwasher in the living room

No cooking and dishwashing!

Lonely refrigerator

At least the refrigerator is plugged in! :).  We just retiled the sides of the kitchen floor so that everything is even.  There is NO PLUMBING! We have to move the sink a few inches so that will be done after the cupboards are in and sink is placed…hence, when I want to boil water for a tea, I just flip the kettle switch in the washroom….quite  useful first thing in the morning ;).

So, what is sewer to do?


Well, decorate! :).  I really want to look at these wallhangings and this cabinet was looking kind of bare so….with the help of my new best friend, velcro, up they went.  What is nice is that I can move them too!  On the left are gifts from my sister.

Here is the view of my sewing room by the door.  All the clutter will be gone when we start putting the old kitchen cupboards up in here, so these are technically my before pictures.

Now to go and tidy up….what I can tidy up!


3 thoughts on “House is upside down….”

  1. I know it is a mess while it is going on! But now you can look forward to a new kitchen and a lot of storing space in your sewing room, I wish it was me! Well, I don’t need a new kitchen, but storing in my sewingroom. My tiny little sewing room don’t have space for any cupboard. It will be exciting to see how it all turns out. Good luck with all the job to get it in order 🙂

  2. Congratulations on Canada’s men’s curling gold! I did watch the game, here it was very late at night, I went to bed 2.30 at night! I think the Canadian team was the best, but I am very proud of the Norwegian “clown” team that they got to the final and got silver. In Norway most people knew almost nothing about curling before 2002. In the Olympic’s that year the Norwegian team did it very well, and people started to watch it, and our team did beat your in the final 2002 and got gold! I think I read some where that in Norway there is about 3000 people playing curling, but as you know better than me, in Canada it is a big sport. So I think it is great that a small country like our can do it so well. I have been watching all the competitions in cross-country skiing and biathlon, there has been one each night. It has been so thrilling, and the Norwegian’s have been very good. Thank you to your country for a nice Olympic’s! Hugs Marit

  3. Thanks Peg-
    First. I do NOT envy what you are going through! I know it will be worth it at the end but even the little bit of remodeling we did this summer made me crazy!
    I have a Juki, which has an 8 1/2″ throat on a Little gracie II frame. I am still learning but I am getting quilts done. BTW, it is set up in my living room!

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