Packages and Projects!

Lookie what came to my door…..left on my patio door because I wasn’t home:

All the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I participated in a Bookmark exchange for April 23rd, International Book day.  I don’t even know who they are from because I can’t understand the address.  Oh well, I won’t open them until April 23rd.  I love bookmarks!

And here is what I am plotting and planning. I enlarged the pattern and am ready to make sooooooo many of these:

It is a little tea-shaped pouch! I bought the book just for this pattern.  Laurrain Yayama (sp) de Asigned it.  Isn’t cute? And what colour would you like?

I am also working on this:

Hmmm….what can it be?  It is the start of a pin cushion that I making… for myself and one for yet another swap.  That is about all I can show of it.  We might have some peekers here :).

And I am always accompanied by:

Happy Sewing!


A little finish….

So here is the finished product.  I am not good at bindings but if I don’t try, I won’t get better.  This was a really fun project.  I have more to do! 🙂

New threads and working on stuff!

I received my silk threads! Yay! I am so eager to use them! I am making a pin cushion to carry them which I will post as soon as it is finished!

I have some swap stuff to do so I want to talk too much about what I am doing or what the end product is, but here is what I worked on this evening, good old paper piecing or foundation piecing.  I am having fun with it and can’t wait to see the end result!

The back

This is called the “Garret Window”

This one is called “Amish Square”

The squares are 2 inches and I am making something special! I hope that it turns out. Come back tomorrow night and hopefully I will have it put together.  I don’t do foundation paper piecing too much and had a terrible time starting.  My sewing table is full of scraps!

Well, late here, so good night!

Sister’s Day & an almost finish!

I didn’t have time to blog yesterday but my sister and I celebrate our Sister’s Day on the 3rd Sunday of March.  Here is what she spoiled me with. Oh….in the box that she sent she spoiled me too! 🙂  The nuts are amazing and I have to hide them.  I am eager to start the Jane Austen book! I just bought a Jane Austen sewing book so thanks so much J!  Chocolate! :)…..See, I haven’t eaten them yet but thinking of a recipe that I saw.

On to sewing:

First Applique project!

I am almost finished my first ever applique project!  I just have to put the backing on and stitch in the ditch.  Isn’t it cute? I wasn’t really liking the pink flowers but they add punch to it and they are now growing on me! Now I have to go and hem some jeans :(….but then I can wear them!

Prosperity Christmas BOM finished!

Since it is National Quilting Day, I pieced my 2nd block for the Christmas BOM that I am doing:

So, this block is called “Prosperity.” There were a mix of techniques, the piecing and then the applique, which I did by machine and worked on my terrible satin stitch.  All in all, not really a fussy block. It does measure the 9 1/2 inches.  I’m sure that as soon as I get more blocks done, the colours will mesh better.

For my SIL, here are some pictures of the process:

Here is the first part, sewing the three rows.  What I learned: iron the seams so that they go in opposite directions so that there is no bulk where they meet.

This part was relatively a cinch :)….What I learned…don’t mix up the 6 inch strip and the 7 inch strip.

I thought that this would be difficult, but NOT.  What I learned: Centre the yellow triangle piece with the block.

Attaching the red triangle.  Easy, peasy but here is a trick that I learned from applique.  When you have to mark on material, the material moves…put sand paper under it and it stays still so the pencil glides.

Triangles on.  What I learned: Follow the stitching lines on the pattern.

Almost finished.  I used Heat & Bond Light to adhere my hollies. No problem.

Applique the applique by machine.  Fun and a nice touch.

So? Do I start the 3rd block or go and work on my hand applique?

Oh.  In case you didn’t know.  Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim’s Quilting show channel is free all day today! Yay! So I listened/watched a few.


Yes, it is national Quilting Day….national? Meaning US? Canada?….somewhere, so why not here! :).  I went to Fabricville last night and picked up this:

Aren’t these so girly? Or Springy?  I signed up for yet another workshop at my guild.  It is to make a flower, kind of like a dresden plate but shaped like ties with a circle in the middle.  I had to choose 4 colours for the petals, hence the pink hues…..had to be “degradé” (I have no idea what the word is in English.)  The background will be my darkest shade of pink and the middle will be the green…that was my inspiration.  I was drawn to that in the store and then chose the pinks.  I hope that I chose okay colours.  We will see what transpires on Tuesday night.

I had absolutely no time or gumption to quilt this week but last night I did work on my final African Violet. On petal #1. I really want to get that project off the burner…so maybe tonight during the hockey game I will finish the hand stitching.

Today, I have already washed the above fabric and am going to start Block #2 of my Christmas BOM.

Dishes are done, laundry is almost done, except for the folding (tomorrow night)….so onto celebrate National Quilting Day!

Another African violet finished and addiction!

Two down, one to go and then the borders and quilting!  I am loving applique.  I like the steps and the fact that I can sit and watch tv when all my pieces are prepared.  I am still so slow but my stitches are getting better.  I have another one of these little kits…any takers for an African Violet mini wallhanging? I need to practice and I want to do another one.  The teacher gave us a little baggie kit and I got a second one.  So, onto the third vase.

Oh, don’t you just like my little applique iron?  It is so useful and HOT!

And just because:

My husband is so proud of hanging my new/old cupboards and attaching my table top that I had to take a picture.  He is also tired.  There is always something to be done lately and he is so not a manual guy but he is doing so well! He is particularly proud of my little ex-wine, cubby hole placement.  Now, any ideas what I can put there?

On to prepare my pieces for the last African violet.