Ta da!

One side:  the lights will be gone and hidden up above the sink….nice glass cupboards for teapots and teacups….FINALLY!

One corner by the fridge.

Now to transfer all stuff for the cupboards.  I think it will take us until next Sunday due to life.  Plus, there is still no water.  The sink is not hooked up yet.  I’ll update on Sunday…..but in the meantime, appique tonight so hopefully a crafty picture tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Ta da!”

  1. wow….. super super kitchen……. but too sparkly and nice to cook in…. you could have bbq’s. love it what a lot of work.

  2. It is coming along so lovely – what it needs now is all the teacups and teapots to adorn the kitchen. And also the other things that a kitchen need but does not lend a hand in making the appearance great.

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