Applique workshop

I took an applique workshop, for yet the umpteenth time and this is what we worked on.  I am so not confident with hand applique and I really want to take the time and do it well.  This project is simple and will force me to practice my handwork.  At the end, I will have three of these blocks of African Violets to make a cute little wallhanging.  I am going to do a few more leaves tonight, after I get off here.  The invisible stitch takes practice but I am doing well.

Thanks to everyone for their compliments on my new kitchen.  We still have no water hooked up yet but should soon and then I can start filling up cupboards.  Since I am working all day I haven’t had a chance to do much organizing yet.  There are still tools everywhere because of the plumbing and electrical work, so applique for  me ;).

Oh…I have posted every day so far for March! Can I keep it up? I’ve got to find crafty posts.  In fact, I already have tomorrow’s post in my head.  I received some neat mail today!


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