Upside down Sewing room now!

Stripped bare!

I had to take everything out of here so that we can install some of the old kitchen cabinetry….starting tomorrow.

What a mess!

So I transferred everything to the other side of the room!

And just because this is where I post what I am working on, here is the start of my 2nd African Violet block:

I haven’t gotten very far, between working, running a 15km race and reorganizing…but when I do want to sit, I pick it up.  I got all my leaves ready to go, so I just have to stitch.  I place an order for silk threads, 100wt.  I’ve been reading about how it is the best thread for hand applique so I invested! Like I say, I have a huge project coming up.  Plus I am rather liking the applique, the calmness of it.  Like embroidery and cross stitching. I also received this book from Bunny Hill Patterns.  It is not my big project but I would like to make the quilt….so many projects on the to do list!


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