Another African violet finished and addiction!

Two down, one to go and then the borders and quilting!  I am loving applique.  I like the steps and the fact that I can sit and watch tv when all my pieces are prepared.  I am still so slow but my stitches are getting better.  I have another one of these little kits…any takers for an African Violet mini wallhanging? I need to practice and I want to do another one.  The teacher gave us a little baggie kit and I got a second one.  So, onto the third vase.

Oh, don’t you just like my little applique iron?  It is so useful and HOT!

And just because:

My husband is so proud of hanging my new/old cupboards and attaching my table top that I had to take a picture.  He is also tired.  There is always something to be done lately and he is so not a manual guy but he is doing so well! He is particularly proud of my little ex-wine, cubby hole placement.  Now, any ideas what I can put there?

On to prepare my pieces for the last African violet.


4 thoughts on “Another African violet finished and addiction!”

  1. I would suggest wine, but don’t think wine and sewing machines are probably the best. It would be like drinking at the wheel, not sure if your lines would be straight. How big is each hole?

  2. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT….. no not the kit, not the sewing room. The Master of Home Reovation please. he would have a ball at my place.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Paula, the size hold wine bottles…that’s what was in them before. I may look for some more of those little jars.

    Sheila :)…the Master of Home Renovation is still quite busy on this side of the ocean! Still so much to do but it is so nice to walk into the house now and seeing everything! I’m working on the curtain treatments now!

  4. Hello Peg,
    Sorry to take so long responding. But from the looks of your blog, you might just be too busy to notice. LOL.

    Thanks for your kind words about the Faery boxes. They were fun to make.

    I really like the holly quilt block. That’s a lot of work! LOL. But I guess that’s what makes it fun, huh?

    BTW, how’s the reno going? I’m about ready to drag out paint and tarps again (Arggggg). It never ends does it? I don’t know when I’ll get my studio/work area put together. I probably need to get walls up first. LOL. But I absolutely LOVE your DH’s shirt. That is really cool.

    Take care and thanks for visiting.

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