Yes, it is national Quilting Day….national? Meaning US? Canada?….somewhere, so why not here! :).  I went to Fabricville last night and picked up this:

Aren’t these so girly? Or Springy?  I signed up for yet another workshop at my guild.  It is to make a flower, kind of like a dresden plate but shaped like ties with a circle in the middle.  I had to choose 4 colours for the petals, hence the pink hues…..had to be “degradé” (I have no idea what the word is in English.)  The background will be my darkest shade of pink and the middle will be the green…that was my inspiration.  I was drawn to that in the store and then chose the pinks.  I hope that I chose okay colours.  We will see what transpires on Tuesday night.

I had absolutely no time or gumption to quilt this week but last night I did work on my final African Violet. On petal #1. I really want to get that project off the burner…so maybe tonight during the hockey game I will finish the hand stitching.

Today, I have already washed the above fabric and am going to start Block #2 of my Christmas BOM.

Dishes are done, laundry is almost done, except for the folding (tomorrow night)….so onto celebrate National Quilting Day!


3 thoughts on “HAPPY QUILTING DAY!”

  1. I love the colors 🙂 really can’t wait to see the finished project. Your Christmas BOM is looking good too, I really need to get my butt in gear and start working on it 🙂

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