Prosperity Christmas BOM finished!

Since it is National Quilting Day, I pieced my 2nd block for the Christmas BOM that I am doing:

So, this block is called “Prosperity.” There were a mix of techniques, the piecing and then the applique, which I did by machine and worked on my terrible satin stitch.  All in all, not really a fussy block. It does measure the 9 1/2 inches.  I’m sure that as soon as I get more blocks done, the colours will mesh better.

For my SIL, here are some pictures of the process:

Here is the first part, sewing the three rows.  What I learned: iron the seams so that they go in opposite directions so that there is no bulk where they meet.

This part was relatively a cinch :)….What I learned…don’t mix up the 6 inch strip and the 7 inch strip.

I thought that this would be difficult, but NOT.  What I learned: Centre the yellow triangle piece with the block.

Attaching the red triangle.  Easy, peasy but here is a trick that I learned from applique.  When you have to mark on material, the material moves…put sand paper under it and it stays still so the pencil glides.

Triangles on.  What I learned: Follow the stitching lines on the pattern.

Almost finished.  I used Heat & Bond Light to adhere my hollies. No problem.

Applique the applique by machine.  Fun and a nice touch.

So? Do I start the 3rd block or go and work on my hand applique?

Oh.  In case you didn’t know.  Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim’s Quilting show channel is free all day today! Yay! So I listened/watched a few.


One thought on “Prosperity Christmas BOM finished!”

  1. Peggy you must be a Perfectionist…. your satin stitch looks pretty good to me… a hint I learnt…. drop the tension a little and dont attempt to do it too close…. but your looks great, love the colours.

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