Sister’s Day & an almost finish!

I didn’t have time to blog yesterday but my sister and I celebrate our Sister’s Day on the 3rd Sunday of March.  Here is what she spoiled me with. Oh….in the box that she sent she spoiled me too! 🙂  The nuts are amazing and I have to hide them.  I am eager to start the Jane Austen book! I just bought a Jane Austen sewing book so thanks so much J!  Chocolate! :)…..See, I haven’t eaten them yet but thinking of a recipe that I saw.

On to sewing:

First Applique project!

I am almost finished my first ever applique project!  I just have to put the backing on and stitch in the ditch.  Isn’t it cute? I wasn’t really liking the pink flowers but they add punch to it and they are now growing on me! Now I have to go and hem some jeans :(….but then I can wear them!


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