Another Black-eyed Susan has bloomed!

I’m getting better on my points and still need lots of practice on my curves, slowly but surely.  Now I have to put 4 leaves onto this and it is finished.  I need to bring this to my next guild meeting as a challenge…..I’m not sure if I will though…..

Back to it…I am enjoying the process though.  Now to make the template for the big leaf.


One Black Eyed Susan finished….

I can only get better right?  I have found my applique method and “bible.”  I am happy so far and the tips that are in “The New Appliqué Sampler-Learn to Appliqué the Piece O’ Cake Way” are excellent, from the templates to the toothpick! My points are getting much better.  The flowers on this will not be the same distance as on the pattern but I can fudge it.  I am enjoying the process….practice, practice, practice.


Hmmmmmm……I need a lot of practice! That is why I am doing these blocks, but I think that I am going to switch tactics and cut my blocks 8 inches, stitch with a hoop to keep it taught and then cut the blocks down to size….I have already cut the blocks down to size :(….luckily for me I have a lot of this material.   Such a learning process.  Plus, I am going to buy more of the SAME thread because I will definitely not have enough…, for my first try…to the bin it will go….

Out of sorts lately.  My bookmarks that I sent overseas haven’t made it yet and it bothers me.

I just received some mail which puts a little bit back into sorts and nice comments from wise women! :)… Sheila!

I have the Piece O’ Cake Way  to applique video so I decided to get one of their books because I WILL LEARN TO HAND APPLIQUE.  I really liked the video and they make it seem so easy.  I am going to try my leaf templates with the laminate process that they describe…..I have to finish one basket for my next guild meeting (a challenge).

And here Sheila is running in spring:

It is not too cold and as you can see the snow is gone and the greenery wants to sprout.

World Book and Copyright Day!

It is Book Day 2010 and I received these in an exchange!

Zai from my Needlecrafts group made them for me.  She does such beautiful work. I love them Zai and I am starting a new book today!

I haven’t been idle.  I have been working on this:

It is from my Snickerdoodle group.  Every week there is a pattern for an embroidered block, to eventually make a scrappy block quilt! The next one is “Friendship.”  I’ll be alternating between blue and pink.  I am hoping to get better at my embroidery skills with this little project.

I rarely posts photos of myself, but I went out the other night, to be honoured for the amount of years I have worked at my college and here is what I wore….this was when I got home.  Don’t look too closely! 🙂

Another Christmas BOM finished!

What to do when there is no school work to do at home :)….leaving it all for where it belongs, in my office :)….Why quilti of course!

This is the April block and it is called “Freedom.”  I really wanted to do it fast so that I could start to see the colours of all the blocks meshing….it looked so unbalanced with the green on the left side, now it is more balanced.  This block is by far the easiest so far but I will have to tweak it because it does not measure the full 9 1/2  inches :(…..I’m not sure where I went wrong, probably the scant 1/4 inch which is so hard to do while piecing.

Here are the first four blocks together:

Now I am starting to like it!  The next month there are two blocks I think.  So better get cracking! 🙂

Friendship block finished!

I worked on my March block for my Debbie Mumm’s Christmas quilt. It is called the “friendship” block:

Remind me that I DISLIKE “Quick Corner Triangles” and this quilt is full of them! :(.

Here are the first three month’s  together:

I’m not too sure about my colour scheme but I’m thinking that when all the blocks are done, the colours will mesh better.  The next block (April) is full of greens, sho hopefully it will balance out the wreath.  I can’t wait for the centre block, a huge applique piece (probably machine but sure seems fun to do!)

And what quilter doesn’t have their constant companion? And no, it is not the SO Sheila :)…not in this case!

Saturday Quilt workshop!

My new quilting toy! My batting buddy helped me make this:

I kind of got the middle colour mixed up, but this block is already quilted on the backside :).   The quilt as you go method, “Fun & Done” quilts.

Here are two blocks put together:

So I learned how to put together three different blocks.  Now, I wouldn’t use the three blocks in one quilt, they are meant for separate quilts.  Here is a neat video of the technique!  Now I think that I need to buy me some patterns! :).  I am on the hunt for a book but the patterns seem to be sold separately.  A great way to use up scaps but for the back you need a lot of fabric, so that means checking out sales! :).  A pretty cool technique, kind of like the reversible quilting.

I just took a bit of time to tidy the blocks and practice a bit of fancy stitches on the small one…. I think that I will bring one to my office and use it for a tea mat ant the other for a ??????????