Blooming flowers everywhere!

The first stem of my Black-Eyed Susans has sprouted! I had to get my mind around the fact that they are indeed stems and NOT basket handles or I would have done them in the same material as the baskets.  but the stems don’t meet.  This block will be Black Eyed Susans.  I used my YLI silk thread for the first time and I must admit that I like it, albeit I have to get used to its slipperiness at the eye of the needle.  I am going to be working on this tonight, plus get ready for a whole day of quilting tomorrow, a workshop on how to quilt as you go! Stay tuned.

And look what we received as a hostess gift at Easter!

It’s an Hibiscus tree! Yes,  a tree! I have the house for them, lots of sunshine.  This isn’t directly by the window but gets lots of daylight.  Every morning and evening there are new blooms and this morning there were four! So pretty! What a nice gift!


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