Saturday Quilt workshop!

My new quilting toy! My batting buddy helped me make this:

I kind of got the middle colour mixed up, but this block is already quilted on the backside :).   The quilt as you go method, “Fun & Done” quilts.

Here are two blocks put together:

So I learned how to put together three different blocks.  Now, I wouldn’t use the three blocks in one quilt, they are meant for separate quilts.  Here is a neat video of the technique!  Now I think that I need to buy me some patterns! :).  I am on the hunt for a book but the patterns seem to be sold separately.  A great way to use up scaps but for the back you need a lot of fabric, so that means checking out sales! :).  A pretty cool technique, kind of like the reversible quilting.

I just took a bit of time to tidy the blocks and practice a bit of fancy stitches on the small one…. I think that I will bring one to my office and use it for a tea mat ant the other for a ??????????


One thought on “Saturday Quilt workshop!”

  1. now I don’t know why you wouldn’t use all three in one quilt. Just love those colours that pink just zings…. perfect.
    What exactly is a ‘quilt buddy’

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