Friendship block finished!

I worked on my March block for my Debbie Mumm’s Christmas quilt. It is called the “friendship” block:

Remind me that I DISLIKE “Quick Corner Triangles” and this quilt is full of them! :(.

Here are the first three month’s  together:

I’m not too sure about my colour scheme but I’m thinking that when all the blocks are done, the colours will mesh better.  The next block (April) is full of greens, sho hopefully it will balance out the wreath.  I can’t wait for the centre block, a huge applique piece (probably machine but sure seems fun to do!)

And what quilter doesn’t have their constant companion? And no, it is not the SO Sheila :)…not in this case!


2 thoughts on “Friendship block finished!”

  1. love the Christmas Quilt…now is it bed or wall.
    love your ‘Constant Companion’
    mine are all in Pussy Heaven now. So its the CD player. Not near so nice.

  2. It looks good Peggy, I have to catch up……I am not sure what you got me into with all these corners though….hehehe

    Love your sister in law

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