Another Christmas BOM finished!

What to do when there is no school work to do at home :)….leaving it all for where it belongs, in my office :)….Why quilti of course!

This is the April block and it is called “Freedom.”  I really wanted to do it fast so that I could start to see the colours of all the blocks meshing….it looked so unbalanced with the green on the left side, now it is more balanced.  This block is by far the easiest so far but I will have to tweak it because it does not measure the full 9 1/2  inches :(…..I’m not sure where I went wrong, probably the scant 1/4 inch which is so hard to do while piecing.

Here are the first four blocks together:

Now I am starting to like it!  The next month there are two blocks I think.  So better get cracking! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another Christmas BOM finished!”

  1. love the colours, its looking great.
    Don’t you just hate those scant 1/4 inch seams. I always think its either 1/4inch or not a 1/4 inch lol. enjoy your free time.

  2. Peggy – I hope that everything is well with you. We have not heard from you for a long while. Plus, your BE partner have not received from you yet.

  3. The Christmas BOM is coming along great! I love the colors and the blocks!
    Phew, that scant 1/4 inch seam… 😦 I struggle too! Now I have positioned the needle ‘one step’ (?) to the right, which works better, but still…. Having the needle in the middle position made the 1/4 bigger than it should…
    Thanks for the comment on my blog (awhile ago)! 🙂

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