World Book and Copyright Day!

It is Book Day 2010 and I received these in an exchange!

Zai from my Needlecrafts group made them for me.  She does such beautiful work. I love them Zai and I am starting a new book today!

I haven’t been idle.  I have been working on this:

It is from my Snickerdoodle group.  Every week there is a pattern for an embroidered block, to eventually make a scrappy block quilt! The next one is “Friendship.”  I’ll be alternating between blue and pink.  I am hoping to get better at my embroidery skills with this little project.

I rarely posts photos of myself, but I went out the other night, to be honoured for the amount of years I have worked at my college and here is what I wore….this was when I got home.  Don’t look too closely! 🙂


2 thoughts on “World Book and Copyright Day!”

  1. Hi Peggy! Nice to ‘meet’ you! Congrats on the years at college! How many years have you worked there?
    Oooh! Such sweet bookmarks! Beautiful! I haven’t done much stitchery lately, still busy with the UFO’s, which I hope to finish during the weekend.

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